Antnotes - ultimate sticky notes solution for your Mac!
Great stickies replacement!

Customizable background, font, text color

Change your notes background and text color just in few clicks

Pin note to desktop to make it stay on top

Pinned notes will float atop of all other windows so you can quickly access the necessary information

Snap to screen bounds and other notes

Snapping makes organization of multiple notes a lot easier

Antnotes are like paper notes: they are glued to your monitor, but on the other side of the screen.


  • customizable background, font, and text color
  • snap to screen bounds and other notes
  • translucent notes
  • automatically hide notes when inactive
  • pin note to desktop to make it stay atop of other windows
  • attach note to any other application so it will show only when the selected application is active
  • quick access via the menu bar icon
  • make new notes by dragging text, images or files to the menu bar icon
  • integration with services : create a new note from any text in any application
  • drag images and sounds to the note contents
  • configurable global shortcuts to create new note or show/hide all notes
  • easily resizing by any edge
  • archive with all closed notes - do not lose your information by accidentally closing a note
  • smart position choosing for different display configurations

Want more features? Just let us know, we'll consider almost anything unless it's cooking, coffee making or walking your dog!
If you need support, have feature request or any complaints, you are welcome to our support forum.

Application requires Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard or later.

Download a FREE version with somewhat limited functionality :
Simple Antnotes at AppStore.