Using Antnotes

Using Antnotes

Antnotes application enables you to quickly store and access needed information in just a few clicks.

Common functionality is accessible via menu bar Notes icon:

  • click it to access application's menu
  • ctrl-click or right click it to show or hide all notes
  • cmd-click it to hide all, even pinned, notes (or show them back)
  • alt-click it to quickly create new note
  • drag text, links, files to the menubar icon to create new note with them

Other functions are accessible from the note itself:

  • drag any border or corner to resize note;
  • drag the title or other area outside of text to move note;
  • move mouse cursor over the note to bring it to the front and show close, pin and options buttons
  • press settings button at the top right to popup the menu and customize note
  • press close button to move note to archive
  • press the pin button to make the note floating
  • scroll the mouse wheel (or swipe vertically on touchpad) while holding down the Command key to change the note's font size


  • recent fonts list is updated automatically as you choose other list. To remove font from the recent list, drag font's title horizontally outside of menu. (not available in Simple Antnotes)