To-do Lists

To-do Lists

Love ToDo - I'm very happy with this app. Lets me do my to do list for the day in just a couple minutes.
Fantastic! - This is the app. we've been waiting for! Simple and effective, floats in a window so it's there when you want it to be.
It does what it should. - It's very simple, it does what they said its meant to. It's also easy to use, which is an upside.
Yes! Easy To Add Links - ToDo Lists has got it 'right', when they added the 'drag-n-drop' linking ability.

Fast and simple to-do management

You can add, edit and remove tasks in one click, and use keyboard shortcuts for almost all operations.

iPhone and iPad companion application

Download To-do Lists Mobile and sync it with To-do Lists to have all of your tasks on your iOS device

iCal, iCloud Reminders and Dropbox synchronization

You can sync each of your to-do lists with iCal or iCloud calendar, or sync the whole database between computers and devices via DropBox


To-do Lists for Mac OS is a simple but powerful to-do application.

To-do Lists features:

  • Stickies-like interface
  • Quick, one-click task addition/removal
  • Rich-text editing, in-text links support
  • Seamless iCal/iCloud Reminders synchronization
  • DropBox synchronization between computers and iOS application version
  • Import of to-do lists from text files
  • Export of to-do lists to text files
  • Printing and mailing of to-do lists
  • Backup and restoring of the whole to-do database
  • Full drag'n'drop support (make new to-do from web link, file, e-mail, or any other text)
  • System services support (make new to-do from any text in any application)
  • Rolled-up, translucent or floating to-do lists
  • Customizable background color, text font and checkbox appearance
  • Reminders
  • To-do Lists Mobile version for your iPhone or iPad

Watch the video on how to use To-do Lists 1.5.4:

More to come!
If you would like to request a specific feature, have an idea you want to share with us, or found a bug in To-do Lists, please visit our Antlogic Support Forums!