To-do Lists Mobile Changelog

To-do Lists Mobile Changelog

Version 1.3.0Feb 19. 2015

- iOS 8/iPhone 6 support : glitches with window sizes, keyboard sizes and orientations
- fixes and improvements with Dropbox synchronization
- new icon

Version 1.2.2Jan 23. 2014

- added option to disable gradient backgrounds to preferences
- some minor bugfixes and cleanup
- updated initial note according to latest UI changes

Version 1.2.1Jan 9. 2014

- updated preferences checkbox icons
- made lists titlebar higher
- nice gradients on backgrounds

Version 1.2.0Jan 3. 2014

- significantly reworked UI : new larger button for almost all common operations
- fixed problems with Dropbox synchronization (hanging on initial sync)
- fixed problem with non-scrollable list area on iPad
- fixed crash while entering edit mode during multi-add

Version 1.1.0Oct 11. 2012

- some rearrangements and beautification in preferences
- added help
- added option to show number of unfinished tasks count on application's badge
- support for iPhone 5/iOS 6
- now you can turn off notification 'You didn't use to-do lists for a while'

Version 1.0.4Jul 16. 2012

- fixed bug with empty/initial DropBox synchronization
- added option to change task color
- added custom color selection for background color
- added notification when lists or list are in edit mode

Version 1.0.3Mar 28. 2012

- fixed some problems with DropBox sync

Version 1.0.2Mar 07. 2012

- some UI enhancements
- configurable landscape mode support for iPhone/iPod
- some predefined textures for background
- option to stretch/tile background image
- configurable quick-add tasks mode
- fixed a bunch of possible DropBox sync errors
- separate font size option for task edit dialog
- option to pick-up database from non-standard DropBox folder

Version 1.0.1Dec 17. 2011

Minor update:
- some GUI enhancements
- updated and fixed DropBox support
- option to store backups in DropBox
- button for manual DropBox database refreshing
- option to move urgent tasks to top

Version 1.0Nov 1. 2011

Initial version:
- to-do adding/removing/reordering;
- to-do reminders;
- to-do lists management;
- to-do lists customizations: background color, font color, translucent lists
- iTunes file sharing support;
- DropBox synchronization support;
- background image selection;