To-do Lists Changelog

To-do Lists Changelog

Version 1.7.6Apr 2. 2015

- improved iCal/iCoud Reminders syncing behavior
- changed default font to Helvetica Neue 12pt for Yosemite
- fixed issue with hanging synchronization on shut down
- added option to disable spellchecking globally
- added Ukrainian localization

Version 1.7.5Feb 24. 2015

- new nice icon
- improved Dropbox syncing behavior
- added icon for dark menu bar style in Yosemite
- fixed 'unrollable lists' issue
- improvements and fixes with color panel handling
- fixed rare bug with alarm for completed task
- fixed rare bug with reminder appearance for long tasks

Version 1.7.0Sep 15. 2014

- 'uncheck all' list popup menu item now can be 'check all', depending on context
- fixed mistakes in welcome note
- removed 'Close List' from list's popup menu

Version 1.6.9Apr 4. 2014

- fixed some retina-related issues

Version 1.6.8Mar 26. 2014

- updated menu bar/dock icon badge: added option to count tasks in closed lists
- now menu bar tasks count is black for black and white menu bar icon
- suppress showing tooltips for rolled-up list
- do not show Dropbox sync error when network is not available (for instance, at startup)

Version 1.6.7Mar 6. 2014

- added configurable badge to show uncompleted tasks count

Version 1.6.6Jan 20. 2014

- added option to add image to list's background
- now lists snap to screen bounds and other lists
- fixed list popup menu to not include annoying 'to-do' text for all items

Version 1.6.5Jan 17. 2014

- added option to switch between plain and gradient backgrounds
- added option to not include extra empty line between tasks on export

Version 1.6.4Jan 10. 2014

- some further Dropbox syncing issues were fixed

Version 1.6.3Jan 9. 2014

- nice background and titlebar gradients
- Cmd-Click on menu bar icon now hides even floating lists
- added 'New list' item to dock menu
- added 'Uncheck all' item to list popup menu
- fixed Dropbox syncing problem (app wasn't able to create TodoLists folder in Dropbox).

Version 1.6.2Jan 3. 2014

- fixed problem with hidden main menu after the startup

Version 1.6.1Dec 30. 2013

- added retina images
- changed Dropbox keys to fix connectivity issues

Version 1.6.0Dec 25. 2013

- added 'New list' item to menubar icon menu
- updated German, French and Russian localizations
- updated reminder dialog GUI for better visibility/usability
- fixed possible crash while deleting/adding lists with Preferences window opened on Sync page
- implemented Dropbox synchronization, so application now use native Dropbox API
- some other minor fixes and tweaks

Version 1.5.7Dec 3. 2013

- some fixes with licensing support; now application can move itself to Applications folder for your convenience, replacing older versions

Version 1.5.6Nov 20. 2013

- added support for non-Mac App Store licensing. Now you can buy To-do Lists application from Antlogic store at FastSpring

Version 1.5.5Nov 4. 2013

- fixed problems with iCal/Reminders sync on Mac OS Maverick 10.9

Version 1.5.4Apr 11. 2012

- fixed rarely exposed bug with hang while opening Preferences
- improved scroller appearance on Mac OS Lion

Version 1.5.3Mar 16. 2012

- fixed bug with always shown menu bar icon
- pressing Up on top task/Ctrl-Up on any task now activates title editing
- now lists can be resized by all bounds
- fixed some problems with window positioning

Version 1.5.2Feb 11. 2012

- extended number of items in 'remove completed delay' option
- added 'Rename List' item to To-do List popup menu
- added default list control to list's popup menu
- added quick-palette for tasks color
- changed color for urgent tasks on red background
- configurable palette for background colors and to-do colors (see Preferences->Appearance section)
- fixed issue with not preserved custom color in to-do text
- some minor fixes here and there
- improved performance for iCal syncing
- fixed possible problem with deleting tasks from iCal
- fixed problem when position on second monitor was not saved
- excluded situation where both Dock and menu bar icons are hidden
- fixed app activating by clicking Dock icon
- dragging tasks by whole text's area
- fixed jumping of long task lists while adding new tasks
- fixed some misprints
- fixes with default black background color
- option to hide lists after startup
- option to add a new list by double clicking on menu bar icon

Version 1.5.1Jan 19. 2012

- GUI and usability enhancements
adding new task by double-clicking on free area
- global hotkeys support
- option to hide lists by pressing Escape
- enabled spell checking by default

Version 1.5Nov 28. 2011

- fixed problem with link editing
- French and German localizations
- improved tasks pasting behavior
- improved accessibility support for VoiceOver
- more intuitive keyboard behavior
- some menu reorganization
- added workaround for MenuMaster
- added option to select Return key action (by default now Return key press adds new to-do, to change it open Preferences->Behavior page)
- fixed bug with setting custom background and text color
- customized menu bar icon functions
- added option to remove completed tasks after some time
- fixed problem with mailing to-do list
- added option to print to-do list with checkboxes
- added option to show to-do lists on all Spaces
- improved behavior when changing screen or screen resolution
- added option to disable automatic vertical resizing (so now you can resize to-do lists like other windows)
- added option to move urgent tasks to top

Version 1.4Aug 11. 2011

- fixed problem with removing of completed to-do
- added popup menu for to-do items and lists
- fixes with dragging e-mails and contacts to to-do lists
- added option to select black and white menu bar icon
- improved dropbox sync
- some GUI enhancements

Version 1.3Jul 27. 2011

- Mac OS Lion compatibility;
- some tweaks with reminders (automatically disabling reminder for completed task, saving position of reminder window, moved reminder icon to top line);
- if your to-do item contains list of subitems, starting from dash, you can click on it to strikethrough the subitem;
- added 'hide all' and 'show all' items to system menu and 'Window' menu
- improved task pasting behavior;
- added option to hide Dock icon;
- improved Dropbox/database sharing support
- added font color selection;
- added white checkboxes and icons (now you can use black to-do lists);
- synchronization of alarms with iCal;
- undo/redo for common operations;
- option to automatically remove completed tasks
- fixes with window moving on multi-monitor configuration and spaces support
- renamed application to 'To-do Lists' due to trademark issues

Version 1.2May 22, 2011

- automatically enabled Service mode;
- some bug fixes, including problem with Preferences panel;
- option to show ToDo Lists when your computer returned from sleep;
- added scrolling for long ToDo Lists;
- synchronization with iCal;
- synchronization between different computers via DropBox;
- add missing tasks from backup/open backup file/move ToDo Lists database to desired location;
- trash button, where you can drag tasks you want to remove;
- redesigned Preferences panel;
- Russian localization (German and French are coming soon!)

Version 1.1April 05, 2011

- added default font selection;
- added link detection to text;
- added drag'n'drop support (now you can drag any text, links or file to ToDo List or application icon in dock, converting it to the new ToDo; also drag'n'drop can be used for task reordering
- added to services (you can make new ToDo from any text in any program, using context menu, Services menu or shortcut);
- some GUI enhancements;
- drag by title, double click on the whole title to rollup
- added 'urgent' tasks;
- automatically de-roll when mouse stays over title
- added function to copy all tasks to clipboard, send to email or export to text file
- added function to print ToDo List;
- added option to run ToDoLists after login (preferences->behavior)