To-do Lists FAQ

To-do Lists FAQ

Here are the most common questions that are asked by To-do Lists users.

General and usage questions


Updates and purchases

Can I drag items between multiple to-do lists? Can I drag text to To-do Lists from other applications?

Yes, you can. To drag an item just click on it, and drag wherever you need.
On the to-do list, you'll see the blue line, which marks an insertion point of the task.
In the same way you can reorder tasks in the list.

You can drag text, links, Mail contacts (they will be inserted as e-mail address and name), files (link to the file in Finder will be added) from other applications.
You can drag items directly to a to-do list, or to the To-do Lists icon in dock.

How can I sort or reorder my to-do items?

To reorder your to-do items, you can use drag'n'drop, or keyboard shortcuts (Cmd-Up/Cmd-Down). Functionality for moving the tasks up and down is also available in the To-do menu.

How do I rename the "New To-do List" window name?

By default, to-do list title is not editable. To make it editable, click on it once.

I've deleted the default note (which is shown on startup) by accident. Is there a way to reset this on my app?

Startup note is shown when there are no to-do lists, so you should remove all to-do lists via Window menu, and restart the application.
Also, you can always find a fresh version of that short manual at

If I close a to-do list by clicking the x in the corner does it go away forever?

No, this will just close the list, and you can always reopen it via 'Window' menu.
To completely remove a to-do list, activate it, and select 'Delete list' from the Window menu.

I accidentally deleted To-do Lists from my Dock. How can I retrieve it?

To retrieve it, find 'To-do Lists' via Spotlight (search icon on menu bar), or locate To-do Lists via Finder (it should be stored in Applications folder). Run the app.
Once it is running, right-click on To-do Lists icon in Dock (on macbooks right-click, or secondary click, is made by putting two fingers on the touchpad and clicking touchpad button, or clicking while holding Ctrl button), and select Options->Keep in Dock
If you have completely removed the application, you can re-download it from Mac App Store for free.

I would like to see To-do Lists every time my computer returns from sleep. How could I do this?

Since version 1.2, such functionality has been included. Find the corresponding option in Preferences, on the General page.

What's the fastest way to create a new task from the selected text?

Just right-click (or control-click) on the selection, and choose 'Make new To-do'.
This would add a new task to the default list.
You can make any list default via Window menu.

What is the 'default' list?

It is the list, which the tasks are added to from Services menu.
The tasks are also added to the 'default' list when there is no way to determine, to which to-do list the new task should be added, e.g. when you choose Quick Add To-do.
You can check 'default' status for active to-do list via 'Window' menu.

Can I link a document or file to a to-do item to quickly access it later?

Yes, you can! Just drag'n'drop needed file, folder or document to the to-do list, and it will automatically create a to-do for you, containing the link to your file or document.

Does To-do Lists work under Mac OS X Lion, Snow Lion, Mavericks?

Yes, current version of To-do Lists application works under all Mac OS X versions since Snow Leopard (10.6.x).

How can I delete a to-do list?

To completely remove a to-do list, click on the list (i.e. activate it), and select Window->Delete "Your list name".

There is no To-do Lists menu, what's wrong?

This will happen if you disabled showing To-do Lists icon in Dock. That's how Mac OS works - applications, which are not shown in Dock, do not have a main menu as well.
However, you can do a lot of stuff using popup menus (right-click or ctrl-click over the list title, or near the task's checkbox) and menu bar icon menu.

Help! All my lists disappeared after an update!

Reliability is our credo (usability as well), so we can't allow your lists to go away so easy.

Due to changes at Mac App Store since June, 2012 only sandboxed applications are allowed.
Sandboxing is a security measure and means that application can access only it's own files inside dedicated location ('Sandbox'), so it cannot hurt anything other on the system.

Since our database was in the ~/Library/ToDoLists, or, even more, user was able to move it to other location (to achieve Dropbox synchronization, for instance), new sandboxed version cannot access it and move to the sandbox automatically.
It needs some attention from user - and it shows dialog, asking to open database file (when file is opened by user via Open Dialog, it can be accessed).
You should do this only once.

So please open Finder, in Go menu select 'Go to folder..', and enter ~/Library/ToDoLists (exactly as it is written here, with tilde symbol!). In that folder you should see some .tdl files - main ToDoListsDatabase.tdl and some backups.
Double click on ToDoListsDatabase.tdl to run To-do Lists application and load this database file to the main location.

I like your app very much! How can I thank you?

If you like our app, spend a minute to share your opinion with people on Mac App Store,,, or any other Mac-related site or forum.
If you don't have time to write a review, just click on stars to rate our app!
We greatly appreciate your support!

How can I sync To-do Lists with To-do Lists Mobile or with other computer?

At the moment you can sync the desktop and mobile versions of To-do Lists via Dropbox.
Each of the applications has checkbox 'Sync with Dropbox' in Preferences.
All you should do - is enable it, get redirected to browser for authentication, and after successfull auth your database will be synced each time changes are made.
Please note that syncing is not instant - you should wait for a while (a minute or two) so database will go to Dropbox cloud, and back to the other device.

Can I sync tasks from To-do Lists with iOS applications or iCal/iCloud Reminders?

Yes, you can sync to-do list with iCal (or Reminders on later Mac OS X versions).
Make sure you give permission to sync To-do Lists with your calendar when you first launch To-do Lists. If for some reason you denied this permission, you can always change that through System Preferences. Go to System Preferences -> Security & Privacy. Choose the Privacy tab and select Calendars, enable To-do Lists (on the right). Then select Reminders on the left and enable To-do Lists there as well. Now To-do Lists and Reminders will sync together.

I would like to see a way to sync between my GMail To do List and the To-do Lists App

Unfortunately, at the moment there is no such feature. However, it will be introduced in one of the next updates.

I purchased this software. Will I have to pay for the updates in future?

All purchases in the Mac App Store are final, including all further updates. You don't need to pay for them.

Will I be notified when the update for the app is ready?

When an update is be ready to download, AppStore icon will have red circle with number (1, 2 or so), and available updates will be shown in the Updates tab.
All updates for applications, sold at AppStore (like for iPhone) are free.

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