To-do Lists Quickies

To-do Lists Quickies

Adding a new task.
There are various ways to add a new to-do.
From "To-do lists", use one of the following:

  • Press button '+' on a To-do List
  • Press Cmd-Return shortcut, while editing a task (will add a new to-do below the current one)
  • Press the down arrow in the last line of the last task
  • In the To-do menu, choose "To-do->Add To-do", or use the corresponding shortcut (Alt-Cmd-N)

From other applications:

  • Click on "To-do Lists" icon in the menu bar and choose 'Quick Add To-do' (add new item to the selected to-do list)
  • Right click on any text and choose 'Make New To-do' (requires enabled system services mode, see below)
  • Drag'n'drop any item (text, web link, e-mail address, file) to the To-do Lists window (if it is visible)
  • Drag'n'drop any item to the "To-do Lists" icon in the Dock (adds a new task to the default to-do list)
  • Drag'n'drop any item to the "To-do Lists" icon in the Dock, and wait for a while to select the desired to-do list

Removing a task.

  • While editing the to-do, push Cmd-Backspace or '-' button on the list title
  • 'Remove ToDo' item in the "ToDo" menu
  • Move mouse cursor over the completed to-do and push the "Delete" button.
  • Drag task to the "Trash" icon

Importing tasks
You can import tasks from text file (rich-text, or raw text) using 'File' menu.
Depending on file format, each line or each block of text, separated by an empty line, will become a new to-do

Exporting tasks

  • Export the to-do list into a text file, mail it, or print it using 'File' menu. You can specify export options in "preferences".
  • Copy all to-dos to pasteboard (afterwards, you can "paste" them in your text editor) by choosing 'Copy All ToDos' option in the 'Edit' menu.

Editing to-do list title.
To edit the to-do list title, single-click on it. To finish editing, press enter or click outside of the title area

Roll-up to-do list

  • Double-click on the to-do list title to hide all tasks (only the title will be shown). Double-click on the title to de-roll.
  • When rolled up, move the mouse pointer over the window and wait for a while - this will temporary de-roll the to-do list.

Strike-out lines in multi-line task
You can quickly strike-out subtasks in multi-line tasks, which start from a dash - just click on the leading dash, and the whole line will be struck through!