Using To-do Lists

Using To-do Lists

Here is the copy of 'Using To-do Lists window', which you can see while running the To-do Lists for the first time. If you need to restore it, just copy the text below and select Edit->Paste ToDo's from the application's main menu.
Also you may be interested in To-do Lists Quickies page.

Create your first ToDo list by pressing ⌘N or choosing it from File menu.

In a new window, click on title to edit it.

Mark a completed ToDo by checking a box to the left of it, or by pressing Ctrl-Space.

Click on the first task in new window to enter it's description.

Use button ↓ or ⌘Enter to add a new task

Press ⌘B for bold, ⌘I for italic, and ⌘K for strikeout text. You can also mark task urgent by pressing Ctrl-Alt-Space.

Move ToDo's up and down by pressing ⌘↓ or ⌘↑ or using 'ToDo' menu. Also, you can use drag'n'drop to reorder tasks or move task from one window to another.

Close this window and restore it from 'Window' menu.

Customize new window by choosing background color from Appearance menu.

Open Preferences window for more customizations, including default font and checkbox appearance.

Make your window translucent and floating. Switch to other app to see that it is always on top.

Add your first reminder by choosing 'Reminder' from ToDo menu or by hovering lower-right corner of ToDo item.

To take less screen space you can roll-up any window by double-clicking on it's title bar, or choosing the corresponding option from Appearance menu.

Now save and open backup via 'File' menu.

Export ToDo List to text file or print it using the File menu.

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Enjoy the To-do Lists!

To remove this window, select 'Remove' from Window menu.