64 List is gone.

by clarksmom

65 Sync problems with Dropbox

by dkimelman

66 Missing ToDo Lists

by seymour-pmtodo

67 Lists gone

by jwboyd64117

68 Can't sync via dropbox

by rboehmer

71 Logfile spammed

by vabel

74 still cannot sync

by peachesy

76 Reminder Won't Close

by remihalliburton

77 saving to do lists

by barberkr

79 Quick Add

by ksinger

80 How turn-off spelling?

by verlsus

85 No idea how it works

by irma2011

86 How can I import a list?

by Solange

87 Trial Version

by kmwnz

88 Can I sort by subject?

by santonellis