Topic: Syncing to Reminders on Mac OS Maverick

Edit: This is not an issue any more since version 1.6.2 is available at App Store.

Version of To-do Lists 1.5.4 application, available to download from the Mac App Store will fail on listing calendars from Reminders.
We published update 1.5.5 on our site, which fixes this issue.
It is available for download here: http://antlogic.com.ua/apps/todo-lists/trial

This update will not be available at AppStore, and to make it work without trial limitations you should first download version 1.5.4 from the Mac App Store, and then download version 1.5.5 and run it.
After first successfull run you can delete version 1.5.4, and replace it with 1.5.5.


Re: Syncing to Reminders on Mac OS Maverick

I go to-do lists from appstore, installed it, ran it, got 1.5.5 from here and when started it said that I have 3 weeks left.

Any suggestions ?


Re: Syncing to Reminders on Mac OS Maverick

Hi. When you first run 1.5.5 Mac App Store version should be also installed, is it true in your case?
And, does it show the same dialog after restarting the app?


Re: Syncing to Reminders on Mac OS Maverick

Umm... I downloaded 1.5.5 and just dragged it in Applications over the Appstore version. Selected "replace" and that was that.

Yes, I tried restarting it.

Here are some screenies. Can't seem to use images here (a message about allowed 0 links) so here are some.. links
App message hxxp://f.cl.ly/items/0d1J1v1H1y0R1b2D1D0d/Screen%20Shot%202013-11-18%20at%2016.22.39.png
Appstore hxxp://f.cl.ly/items/0c030v0p1o2J1U393l3m/Screen%20Shot%202013-11-18%20at%2016.21.46.png


Re: Syncing to Reminders on Mac OS Maverick

Sorry, somehow missed your reply. The problem was in the fact you replaced App Store version before running the trial version.
However, this will not be an issue anymore - To-do Lists version 1.6.2 was just approved by Apple and should appear in App Store very soon.


Re: Syncing to Reminders on Mac OS Maverick

Great news, Nickolay. Thanks