Topic: Links to e-mails are lost


Much like with reminders, I use to drag e-mails into To-do lists as tasks in order to have a point of reference. The expected behavior is that the e-mail is saved in the form of a link to the actual e-mail in the list.

To my dismay, when I booted up my laptop today, all e-mail links were lost and they're just displayed as text in the list.

Bug ? Works as intended ?


Re: Links to e-mails are lost

Hi. This is not an expected behavior - all links should be preserved. What if you right click (or ctrl-click) on link text? Does it show on top menu items like 'Open Link', 'Copy Link', 'Edit Link..' ?
And, do you use any type of synchronization, or did you installed any new software before rebooting?


Re: Links to e-mails are lost

The todos are simply transformed to text so there's no case of "open link" or something like that.

I keep it synched with ical / reminders. And I'm afraid that prior to todo-lists, Reminders kept the links just fine. Now they're gone from there as well.

Please let me know if there's anything I can do to help get to the bottom of this.