Topic: SYNC Problem 1.6.6

I have been trying for a couple of weeks to sync to dropbox and it refuses to sync.  I have re-established the dropbox folder (TodoLsts) an it will not sync. I have to make manual backups to my desktop to save my data.  If I turn on my MacBook air it sinks to an older to do list and passes it on to my other computers.  I also noticed that when I wake my iMac computer in the morning it tells me I had a failed sync.
What can I do to fix this?  Also to keep my other computers in sync?
thank you fort help


Re: SYNC Problem 1.6.6

Hi. Thank you for contacting us. How many computers do you have? And, do all of them use the latest application version?
And, what do you mean under 'it doesn't sync'? Does it display any error message? Is something displayed in 'last synced' date?


Re: SYNC Problem 1.6.6

Use Firefox rather than Safari.  It does not work with Safari...