Topic: My Saved Lists (or) Saved/Template Lists

I keep many lists open because I use them as a pattern to make an active list.  Shopping Lists, Pill Lists (my daily med list is breath taking) and I need to keep track of what needs replenishing.  So, I just copy my pattern list and kill the items I don't need yet.  But, they clutter my screen.. these could just as easily be a "recent lists" choice list but frankly, having a list of saved lists would be better.

A check all (as opposed to the current uncheck all) feature would be nice too.


Re: My Saved Lists (or) Saved/Template Lists

Hi, thank you for contacting us.
Actually you can close lists with button [x] and re-open them via the Window menu or by clicking on To-do Lists menu bar icon and choosing appropriate element. Or this doesn't fit your needs?

Regarding 'check all' feature - I think we can change 'Uncheck all' menu item to 'Check all' depending on context (i.e. when there are some unchecked tasks).