Topic: Hide completed tasks

Perhaps I'm missing the option, but I'm syncing my To-Do lists via iCloud Reminders and would prefer to hide completed items rather than having them be removed after a certain time or just moved down the list.  My ideal use case is that I can mark tasks complete, and have them recorded with the time/date completed for reference in the future while still remaining accessible.

Essentially, I'm hoping for a toggle to "Hide Completed"

Is that something you've considered?


Re: Hide completed tasks

Hi, thank you for contacting us.
We considered this feature a long time ago and already implemented it in development builds of To-do Lists 2.0.
However, there is some more stuff to implement in 2.0 which delays the release.


Re: Hide completed tasks

Ah lovely - looking forward to v2.0 then!

I'll just keep the window a bit smaller to hide completed smile