Topic: Attached note doesn't follow the application

Scrivener opens on a specific virtual desktop (Desktop 2) on my Mac. That's necessary because the Dictionary app is also assigned to that desktop. I need Dictionary ONLY when I'm writing in Scrivener, so they have to open on the same desktop.

If I 3-finger click on a word in Scrivener or right-click and select "Look Up", I'll ONLY get Dictionary to pop up if (a) Dictionary is assigned to the same desktop and (b) it isn't minimized. Hence, unless I assign Dictionary ONLY to Desktop 2, it clutters all the desktop screens (never minimized).

When I open Scrivener by clicking in the Dock, I'm usually NOT on Desktop 2, but Scrivener is assigned to that desktop, so the Mac moves me to that desktop as the application opens.

HOWEVER: an attached Antnote sticky opens on the desktop I'm leaving, NOT the desktop where I'll use Scrivener.

That makes attaching notes useless to me, and that makes Antnotes almost useless.

Do you have a solution?


Re: Attached note doesn't follow the application

Hi, thank you for the detailed description.
What if you right click (or long-left click) on Antnotes icon in the dock, and play with 'Options->Assign To..' ?
Does this solve your problem?