Topic: No idea how it works

I would really appreciate some help. I had to do lists on my iPhone. then i decided to download it on my mac. I thought it would be ok but i realised i had to download dropbox too. i did it. And then i dont know what to do. no idea how to show the lists on the mac. it seems that it has created 2 files on the dropbox folder one for the to do list database and the other for my computer. I open one of them made some changes and clicked save and I lost every single list i have created. on my iphone now there is nothing and yet i opened the to do list from the launchpad on mac and i still have the old lists.  no idea how to make it work. please help.


Re: No idea how it works

Hi. Thank you for contacting us.
Please check what path inside of Dropbox is shown in iPhone's app preferences. It should be something like '/ToDoLists' by default.
After that please check the path in Mac OS app's Preferences->General. With default Dropbox installation and correctly configured sync it should be /Users/yourname/Dropbox/ToDoLists/ToDoListsDatabase.tdl

Looks like you saved your lists to other file.
Also you didn't lost your lists, since Dropbox keeps history of all of your files, so you can restore any files (right click on a file and choose Dropbox->View previous versions).