Topic: Sync Todo Lists to other computers

Hello together,
for me ToDo is a very helpful tool and I use it every time I have something to remember.
I use at home a MACmini and an iMac and when I'm travelling my MacBook Air.
Now my question is if there is a simple possibility to have the same ToDo lists I created on every of those devices - no matter on which one it was originally created. Meaning no matter on which device I create a new one or add points to remember to an existing one I would love to have it updated on my other devices automatically. I guess somehow it should work with iCloud and what I tried was the suggestion using iCal but it's not what I'd like to see. So what I mean is as example I create a ToDo list on my MACmini. If I later go to my iMAC and open ToDo lists I would like to see exactly that list that I created on my MACmini also there. Hope I did express that in a way you know what I mean (apologize for bad English).
Thanks a lot for your kind help in advance.
Kind regards


Re: Sync Todo Lists to other computers

Hi. Thank you for contacting us.
You need to configure Dropbox sync. After that application's database (file ToDoListsDatabase.tdl) will be stored in Dropbox, which wirelessly syncs files over the computers.
To achieve this, please install Dropbox application on all of your computers, and on every Mac change the path to database (this is in Preferences->General panel) so it will be in Dropbox, something like /Users/yourname/Dropbox/ToDoLists/ToDoListsDatabase.tdl .
Also this video can be helpful: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eAdUuFgW … ature=plcp


Re: Sync Todo Lists to other computers

Thanks a lot Nickolay. That was exactly what I was looking for :-)