Topic: Sync iPhone and iPad

Please could you make the app sync iPhone and iPad, not just sync to Dropbox.
If you already can, please tell me how!
Thank you


Re: Sync iPhone and iPad

Via Dropbox you can sync app on iPhone and iPad, or you just don't want to use Dropbox?
We plan to improve syncing capabilities in the next versions of the application.


Re: Sync iPhone and iPad

Having just acquired an iPad, I too am looking for the ability to sync my To Do LIsts on my iMac with my iPad, using iCloud.  To Do Lists works very well for me . . . way better than either Notes or Reminders.  How soon can we count on your having this in place? 

In the interim, please provide a more detailed explanation of how to sync the 2 Apps using Dropbox.



Re: Sync iPhone and iPad

I did some more poking around, ran across your YouTube demo, updated the Dropbox software on my iMac, downloaded the iPad APP and now have my To Do Lists on both devices.  I can live with this for a while, although I would ultimately prefer to sync these apps using iCloud.

I have one residual and pretty simple question.  Will Dropbox automatically sync both ways?  As of now, a change I made on my iPad 15 minutes ago has not showed up on my iMac.


Re: Sync iPhone and iPad

Hi. We plan to support iCloud support in later updates. Currently we are working on To-do Lists 2.0 which will include a lot of new features.

As far as I remember, mobile application syncs every 5 minutes (when it is open), also it syncs in background, when application is closed.
Probably it didn't sync in background because it was killed by OS.


Re: Sync iPhone and iPad

Nikolay -
After making certain that the path in my To-do Lists Preferences was pointing to the right file in the DropBox Folder on my iMac, everything fell nicely into place and the sync is working automatically in both directions.

Using DropBox to sync the To-do Lists on my iMac with your Mobile APP on my iPad is proving to be a very workable solution.

The setup was very easy once I found your YouTube demo.

Thank you!