Topic: Hide/Suppress Tooltip

Is it possible to hide or suppress the tooltips that are displayed when you hover over parts of the the list title bar "Click to edit list title" or "Hide list" etc.

When you activate the app and then hover over a list title bar to expand a roll-ed up list, the tooltip obscures the first item in the list. The tooltips do not display when the app does not have the focus.

Thank you


Re: Hide/Suppress Tooltip

Hi. At the moment there is no such option, sorry.
However, this sounds really reasonable, so we will disable showing tooltips for rolled-up list in the next update.
Thanks for the suggestion.


Re: Hide/Suppress Tooltip

Thanks for speedy response. Look forward to seeing this in a future release.

Thank you.


Re: Hide/Suppress Tooltip

Hi. This was implemented/fixed in version 1.6.8 of the To-do Lists application, which is now available to download.


Re: Hide/Suppress Tooltip

Hi, that's great and works a treat - thank you.