Topic: Improve Custom "Remind In.." picker

I love the way that To-do List handles reminders in general, but sometimes I want to be reminded at a very specific time and/or date.  It'd would be really nice if the "Custom" option could be improved to be more user friendly.  It would be great if there was a calendar picker for the day, and a really easy way to pick a time also. 

I realize To-do List isn't implemented in Javascript, but here are a few UI examples that might work for the time picker:


Thanks for the great app!


Re: Improve Custom "Remind In.." picker

Thanks for the links. We'll check them. And for sure we'll improve date/time pickers in To-do Lists 2.0.


Re: Improve Custom "Remind In.." picker

Great to hear.  I'm excited for 2.0!


Re: Improve Custom "Remind In.." picker

Yes, I would like these improvement, too. I'm so glad they're in the works.

And can you please add a Repeat function? You know, repeat every second, minute, hour, day, week, month, year, leap year, century, millennium. To-do List users will live for a long time. ;-)

Thanks for a great app! I use it all the time.


Re: Improve Custom "Remind In.." picker

Of course, we'll add a repeat function as well. Actually in development versions it is done already.