Topic: Hiding the ToDo List


I would like to know how to put the To-do Lists app in the background (behind my browser, apps, etc) when not in use.

The "X" button hides it and when I want to access it, I have to click on "Quick Add to do" which is vey annoying

I wish it is similar to "stickies" app which comes along with Mac. It hides behind my normal apps and when i need to access it, i clock on the icon on my dock. This however, does not happen for the To-Do List app

Thanks for the app


Re: Hiding the ToDo List

Hi, thank you for contacting us.
This is configurable in To-do Lists Preferences->Behavior page.
By default right-clicking (or ctrl-clicking) on menu bar icon hides or unhides all lists, but you can configure to hide/unhide on left click.
Also in further updates we plan to add auto-hide feature, like in our Antnotes application.