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I've been trying out To-do Lists for a couple weeks now, and I have a setup I like (see attached pic).  I have one thing that is irritating about the app that I wanted to share.

As you can see from the pic, all my windows are rolled-up.  When I click on them they roll down and I can use them.  However, my mouse has to stay within the small space of that window.  If my mouse moves outside the window the list rolls itself back up.  I know this seems logical, but I can't tell you how often I click on the window, it rolls down, I click on a line to enter something, and then I move my mouse out of the way ... and the widow rolls back up.  I'm slowly trying to train myself on this, but it seems counter-intuitive to me.

My suggestion would be that if I click on a rolled up window, your app is now active.  That would should stay rolled-down until I switch apps.  If I pop back to my mail or browser app, or perhaps even if I click on a different list, THEN it should roll up.  That makes a lot more sense to me, and I think would be far more intuitive to users starting to use your app.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.  I hope it is useful in helping you make your product better.


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Re: Roll-up mouse behavior

Odd, I got the image uploaded now, but now I receive an error:  "Too more links in message. Allowed 0 links. Reduce number of links and post it again."

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Re: Roll-up mouse behavior

Hi, sorry for a late answer.
Rolled-up windows are automatically unrolled when moust cursor stays a top of them for a while - this just to quickly look 'what's in list'.
Do edit list or do more complicated tasks you should double-click list's title which will unroll it. And after edits are done - double click it again to roll-up.

Problem with screenshots is maybe due to some spam protection, we'll look at this issue.