Topic: New list request

Hi, great work.  I'm finding it very useful so far, especially for juggling many different projects in a free-form style (also know as ADD style, haha).

Perhaps when you create a new list, it should come up with the title field selected, so one could just name it immediately, then Tab or Return would get you to the first item.

With a few more tweaks, this app could be a great simple project manager!

Thank you,



Re: New list request

Hi again,
Thank you for sharing your opinion!

It used to be like this before, but we got requests from users to change it, because they wanted to start making tasks right away. It seems, different people have different habits as to how they work with To-do Lists. So we changed it... But good news is that you can type ↑ right after you create new list, so the title field becomes selected.

Hope it helps!