Topic: Can AntNotes always be on top?

Before I buy it, not sure if it would work with setup. I use a program that hides apps when switching from one to the next. So when I try the free version, it does not pop up when I access it. Wondering if pro version gives the option of being on top? I have another note taking app that does allow this and works, so I know it is  possible.


Re: Can AntNotes always be on top?

Hi, thank you for contacting us.
You can force note to stay on top of other windows. To do this please hover note's upper part with a mouse cursor and you'll see the pin - press it to pin note to the desktop.
Also if you'll press the top-right button and choose 'make this note style default' then all new notes will appear with the same parameters including the always-on-topity.
Hope this helps.


Re: Can AntNotes always be on top?

Thanks. I could see how to do that.
Perhaps you can also advise on the use of key commands. If I  use command/H to show or hide notes there is no response to it. I have checked Finder menus and don't see a  conflict but there must be one. Also the default setting for a new note to be shift/command/N prevents me making a new folder in the Finder window.
Any hints?


Re: Can AntNotes always be on top?

Those commands are sent to the currently active application. So when Antnotes is active (i.e. you clicked on some note, or some other Antnotes window is active) Cmd-H will go to it and hide, otherwise it will go to other application.
Shift-Cmd-N is Antnotes's default global shortcut for new note creation, and it will overrule all other apps shortcuts. Unfortunately it is hard to create unique shortcut since other applications can use all kinds of combinations. However you can change it to any other value or disable in Antnotes Preferences.