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Love this little app smile
Would it be possible to add an option to duplicate a list (so as not to have to reset background image, text colour etc.) or just save a certain list style (including background colour/image, font style).
Also, numbered lists!
And the possibility to add notes to a list item, with a little graphic (ex. a triangle) one can click, if a note is present, to reveal the note and leave it open in the list itself, just under the item; the possibility to choose notes colour as well would be great big_smile
The ability to colour the backgrounds of individual list items would be pretty useful too.


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Hi, thank you for using our application.
Part of the functionality you are asking for is already implemented in the To-do Lists 2.0 development versions.
Soon we'll publish beta version for users.
You can get some information on the To-do Lists 2.0 page: https://www.todo-lists.com/todo-lists-2.html


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Thanks for the reply!
Looking forward to To-Do Lists2 smile

Other features users accustomed to a web app like Trello may appreciate would be the ability to add images, grouping lists by category or board, and labels. Clicking a label could then open up an dynamic list showcasing all the tasks with that label in a certain group of lists, with the option perhaps to filter completed tasks. I've just gotten To-Do Lists and am using it to outline a novel, and such a feature would be really helpful to keep track of plot threads, amongst other things. I'm already working with Trello and the writing editor Ulysses, which has a good example of such a filtering by keywords option, but find To-Do Lists much faster and more intuitive for initial brainstorming.
I realize this is a lot to ask, and most likely falls outside To-Do Lists' initial scope, but maybe other users could benefit as well in their own way.

Hereby attached is a screenshot of a fake label I'm using right now in To-Do Lists (copy-pasting these "labels" from a helper list kept open, which is faster than retyping, but still slows down the creative flow), vs labels in Trello and keywords in Ulysses, for comparison.

Thanks again!


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Thanks for your suggestions. I added them to our backlog.
Something similar is already implemented in our Antnotes application - you can search for notes by keyword(s), and insert images into notes.
However, they are not checklist-like, just separate notes.
Free version (Simple Antnotes) has both search and attach images feature so you may give it a try and see whether it suits your needs.


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Alright, thanks, I'll check it out!