Topic: recover deleted notes

I have lost my notes. How come? May I know how to recover deleted notes?


Re: recover deleted notes

Hi, thank you for contacting us.

What did you do with your Mac/Antnotes application? Notes database is saved in the following folder:
where ~ is shortcut to your home folder, i.e. '/Users/yourname' or something like this. Do you see this file/folder?


Re: recover deleted notes

I see the folder but what should I do next?
How I turn the plist file into 2 active notes?


Re: recover deleted notes

Hi, sorry for a delay with answer - somehow missed your reply.
That file is an Antnotes database, so you should restore the copy of that file from Time Machine, and then copy to it's original place.
Also before doing this please check the 'Manage Notes' screen - maybe you just closed them.