Topic: Window won't display

Since v 1.7.7 can no longer sync with Dropbox, I decided to try out the beta version.

Created new to do list
Added 3 items
Renamed it and pressed enter (no special characters in title, except a hyphen)
Window disappeared and I cannot get it to re-display.

From menu, I can click Window and I can see the title of the list with a check mark next to it.  I've tried clicking/unclicking it multiple times and it still doesn't display.  I can toggle the default window (tutorial) on/off.

Also tried Window -> Show all lists, and quitting and restarting app.

Repeated with a second list, and everything worked fine.  Although the renamed list doesn't get updated in the menu until I quit and restart the app.

I also tried deleting and undeleting and still can't get it to display.

OS Sierra 10.12.6 and I have multiple displays (3).  Two external HDMI and thunderbolt, and Mac Book Pro display.

Since I am just testing, this is not a big deal, just a bug I came across.
I hope this helps w/ dev.  Looking forward to final version.


Re: Window won't display

Thanks for the report. We'll investigate it.