Topic: Add ability to display 'Calendar Icon', 'Display Time' w/ 'Day of Week

This is purely a personal tick tack thing…but it would nice these three (3) Options could be selected at the same time ‘Calendar Icon’, ‘Display Time’ and check ’Show the day of the week'.

So the date would be in the cool lil’ ‘Calendar Icon’ like [9] Mon 1:09 PM Date. Which I realize a person could get pretty close if using a combination of System Preferences.. Date & Time and Mini Calendar, but the the “target / clickable’ area is a much smaller area than if Mini Calendar would display it all. Plus, really do not need to see the Month. If that makes sense?

Enclosed a person can see how it displays a lil' more condensed...plus with the date/number inside the 'Calendar Icon' it really calls a persons attention to the date. (Well, I actually tried to take a screenshot and upload but the system would not let me).