Topic: Lost notes


I tried to find a similar topic but I could not.

I have been using the app for mac for about 2 years now and I had a first problem (I did not know that all notes were automatically deleted after 1 month if not opened) that I sorted by un-ticking the option.

But almost 10 months later the same problem occured and I cannot find my notes ! Some of them were very important to me so I am really desperate ...

Is there any way I can recover them ?



Re: Lost notes

Hi Paul,
Thank you for contacting us.
Are you sure that you downloaded the same To-do Lists version as you had (i.e. from Mac App Store, or our site), and did not mix it together with To-do Lists 2.0 beta?
App does not delete tasks so database should be somewhere.
Normally it should be placed on the following path: