Topic: Any new updates?

Any new updates on the v2? I finally fully tried it out and I like it, however it'll be a no-go for me unless I can get the rows slimmed down as far as v1. There is too much whitespace above and below todo text items (I think someone else noted this as well). Probably due to the 3 dots above each other on the end of the line which is forcing a larger row thickness.

Dropbox syncing would be ideal as well, though at the moment not a deal breaker (it would long term).

I'd love to run it instead of v1, but without the compact-ness of v1 it's too space consuming for the same lists.

Anyway, hope you keep moving on this - thanks!


Re: Any new updates?

Sorry, no update yet.
The good news is that fixing the row height would not be a hard task smile


Re: Any new updates?

No worries v1 still gets the job done for me. Good to hear about the row height.

Thanks for the reply!


Re: Any new updates?

My copy expires today. I downloaded again today but found that it was also set to expire now. Any chance of a bit more life?


Re: Any new updates?

Hi, Nickolay! When do you plan to launch v2? Even rough estimate will do. Pls do make an option to sync w/ dropbox. Thanks! Spasibo!


Re: Any new updates?

Hi, we are still working on Dropbox syncing. Basically it's not about just syncing but about a large amount of internal changes, so it takes a while.