• To-do Lists provides simple but powerful interface for task and to-do management.

    • Fast and simple to-do management

      You can add, edit and remove tasks in one click, and use keyboard shortcuts for almost all operations.

    • iPhone and iPad companion application

      Download To-do Lists Mobile and sync it with To-do Lists to have all of your tasks on your iOS device

    • iCal, iCloud Reminders and Dropbox synchronization

      You can sync each of your to-do lists with iCal or iCloud calendar, or sync the whole database between computers and devices via DropBox

  • Antnotes - ultimate stickies for Mac OS X!

    • Customizable background, font, text color

      Change your notes background and text color just in few clicks

    • Pin note to desktop to make it stay on top

      Pinned notes will float atop of all other windows so you can quickly access the necessary information

    • Snap to screen bounds and other notes

      Snapping makes organization of multiple notes a lot easier

  • To-do Lists Mobile provides simple but powerful interface for tasks management on your iOS devices
    Keep your To-do Lists with you on your iPhone or iPad!

    • Fast and simple to-do management

      You can add, edit and remove tasks in one touch, without need to go through complicated screens

    • Customizable appearance

      You can customize background color, font size and color, choose background picture and make your lists translucent

    • Seamless DropBox synchronization

      You can synchronize the whole database between devices or computers (if you use Mac OS To-do Lists application) via DropBox

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Latest news

Unfortunately Dropbox shut down v1 of their API : https://blogs.dropbox.com/developers/2016/06/api-v1-deprecated/
Since To-do Lists 1.x app was developed years ago and aimed to support old OS versions most likely we will not spend time on updating it.
Instead we’ll continue work on To-do Lists 2.0, which will include Dropbox/iCloud syncing support as well.
Sorry for inconvenience.

September 29, 2017

We decided to publish To-do Lists 2 beta before the official release, so you can try it out and give us your valuable feedback before we press the red button.
Feel free to read all the details about upcoming To-do Lists 2 release and download the beta at the following page.

March 10, 2017

Our email server now works again, so you are welcome to contact us at support at antlogic dot com.
However we are moving to other solution so the same problem will not happen in future.
Despite those site reliability we continue to work on To-do Lists version 2.0 and updates for other our applications. Stay tuned!

January 24, 2017

Unfortunately we have some problems with the site due to malicious activity and security problems of Drupal 7.x.
Mail server is turned off and we will need some time for recovery.
To contact support you can use our forums.
Sorry for inconvenience.

January 13, 2017

After a while we finally released the next version of Antnotes application. Despite the minor version change (1.5.0 -> 1.6.0) it has a lot of new features and improvements which were suggested by our customers. Among them are the search, import/export feature, more handier background and text color selection, options to change default note appearance, position, transparency and others.

June 1, 2016