Antnotes Changelog

Antnotes Changelog

Version 1.3.5 build 27Oct 7. 2014

- added Dock icon (but you can hide it via the Preferences)
- hiding/showing notes by clicking the Dock icon or double clicking Antnotes in Applications folder
- hiding notes by clicking the menu bar icon again
- fixed possible crash when trying to attach to application
- some minor GUI enhancements

Version 1.3.0 build 25Sep 15. 2014

- fixed OS X 10.6 compatibility issues.
- enabled spellchecking for all notes
- fixed possible high memory usage
- Simple Antnotes: added options button which allows to customise a note or clone it/save it to the file

Version 1.2.0 build 20Apr 9. 2014

- new feature: attach note to any application!
- added option to show help from menubar menu
- some minor fixes and tweaks

Version 1.1.0 build 15Apr 4. 2014

- automatic notes hiding
- show number of opened notes at menubar icon
- Mac OS 10.6.x support
- fixed retina support
- remove background color on text color change/dragging text to menu bar icon/from services
- show all notes on left click on menubar icon

Version 1.0.6 build 12Mar 26. 2014

- fixed displaying of links dragged to text/menu bar icon
- updated help note
- some other minor usability fixes here and there
- fixed some issues with custom text/background color selection

Version 1.0.4 build 9Mar 8. 2014

- initial public release