Hack It!

Hack It!

Nice puzzle, worth it.

Simple logical game

Hack it! is the simple logical game, which will help you to spend some minutes when you have a free time

Three difficulty levels

You can start with the easiest level and advance when you will become experienced player

Guess the password!

Hack It! is a logical game, where your goal is to guess the password to a complicated computer system.

The task is not easy, but you'll get some hints.
After each try you will see color lights which have the following meaning:
- red: one of the symbols you used is not in the password;
- yellow: one of the symbols you used is in the password, but you have misplaced it;
- green: both the symbol and it's position were guessed correctly.
Remember, that lights are positioned randomly, so the light at certain position generally does not correspond to the symbol at this position.
Yeah, it's not so easy.

Good luck!

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