3 Love your app.

by HeadNZ

6 Make compatible with older OS

by judyofthewoods

7 Auto Save when Closing

by bigdthedj

8 Search

by daddykom

9 Priorities

by Kamin

11 Paragraph mode

by vlbrown

12 Printing multiple lists

by bernieschreck

13 New list request

by bennyrietveld

14 Appearance request

by bennyrietveld

15 Roll-up mouse behavior

by tphilip

16 Default Appearance

by riatech

17 Hide completed tasks

by kilsey

25 Nested items

by PMcG

26 Option to stick lists together

by judyofthewoods

27 Notes Section

by quaid.oralious

30 resizeable reminder window

by caseyfern