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I have several lists.  When I do a quick add using the global shortcut or through services on my Mac, how does To-Do decide which list to add it to?  Can I change or set where it is added?


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Hi. All tasks go to the 'default' list. To make another list default, right click on it's title and choose 'Default' from the popup menu.


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I found an article in MacWorld about creating your own services.  I was able to do an Automator service script that allows me to choose text in any applications that supports services, right click to get to the services menu and automatically paste the info into To-Do as a new To-Do item.  And now it is ending up in my preferred list.  :-)  From there it is easy to drag and drop if I want the item in a different list.  It's a great way to quickly add things to To-Do without retyping them and pretty easy to set up.

Really enjoying your app.


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Correction:  I think I didn't have to create the service - I just needed to turn in on in services preferences.  It is already there.  Sorry about the mistake.  Nikolai, if you can take down my previous post, feel free.


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Thanks for clearing this. Actually, Apple changed Services so they should be manually turned on since Snow Leopard (as far as I remember).
That's ok, let this post be for other people.