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I downloaded your trial version but it won't install. I get a message (attached) that says "THis is not a test user account. Please create new account in the Sandbox environment".  How do I do that?


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Hi. What Mac OS version do you use? Is this the release version, or beta?

The message you receive can be shown when app deals with Mac App Store apps protection, but the trial version don't.
It should be run on any Mac OS version (10.6-10.8) without any problems.


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I using using 10.7.4 .   I downloaded this "ToDoLists_trial_1_5_4b70.zip" from your web site.


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Strange, it should work ok under 10.7.x, we tested it a lot of times. Can you show us a screenshot? (in this forum, once you uploaded a screenshot, you should also add it to post after uploading).


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Herre are 2 images.  One is the first message I get which I click on the app to run it.


And after I log in, the second screen appears.


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Sorry, but this is not the our application, this is Todo by Appigo.
Our application should be called 'To-do Lists' after unpacking, and has the yellow notepad-like icon.


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My bad.....glad I like yours better.  Seems when I opened the ZIP file from the download folder I couldn't locate the unzipped file and I assumed this was it. Sorry for the trouble.