Topic: Can't sync via dropbox

I'm trying to sync To-Do Lists via dropbox.

I've installed To-Do Lists version 1.6.2 (80), onto my machine. I've never used or installed any previous versions of this app.

After the initial installation, I clicked on 'login' in the Synchronize To-do's via Dropbox section of the preferences. It successfully connected me to DropBox's website. I clicked on 'allow' and received a success message on the dropbox website.

However, back in the app preferences, after the indicator spun for a while I received the following error:

Creation of To-do Lists database folder failed: Error Domain=dropbox.com Code=404 "The operation couldn’t be completed. (dropbox.com error 404.)" UserInfo=0x61800026c4c0 {path=/TodoLists, error=Path '/TodoLists' not found}

Now, I click on 'Log In' and the indicator just spins endlessly. Thinking it might be a system or permissions problem with my OS installation, I attempted to install and setup on a different machine. The same exact chain of events occurred.

Any ideas??


Re: Can't sync via dropbox

Hi. Thanks for reporting. We found a weird mistake in our code.
Please create a TodoLists folder in Dropbox root manually, and after that syncing should work without problems.