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I have version 1.6.6 (86) and am using Dropbox to sync my iMac app with my iPad.  It appears to be working.

But I cannot find a tododatabase file anywhere, despite multiple Spotlight searches.  As a result, I have zero confidence that I am creating a retrievable file.

As a result, I created a Things to Do Folder in Dropbox and have been able to save and backup files.

What's going on?  Is the database a hidden file?


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The main database file is not searchable by Spotlight and Finder since it is in Sandbox. You can manually navigate to it by going into ~/Library/Containers/ua.com.AntLogic.ToDoLists/Library/ToDoLists/ folder.
Also anytime you can save the database to desired location by choosing File->Save backup as.. or pressing Command-S shortcut.
And, since sync is configured, TodoListsDatabase.tdl file should appear in TodoLists folder inside of your Dropbox.


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Thanks for getting back to me so quickly.

I found it in ~Library/Containers/ua.com.AntLogic.ToDoLists/Data/Library/TodoLists.  But a copy does not show up in my DropBox folder.  Only my backups do.  And yet, I'm getting good 2-way syncing between my iMac and my iPad.

Maybe I shouldn't be concerned, but this cost me several hours of work earlier today when I overwrote new lists with older ones, using a previous version of TodoListsDatabase.tdl dated October xx, 2013 that was in my DropBox.


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That's quite strange, it should be indeed in Dropbox if syncing works. So you see a TodoLists folder inside of your Dropbox, but there are only files with _backup prefix?


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My folder is named: Things to Do Lists, and it only has backup files in it.  The apps continue to sync properly.


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That's definitely not our folder, it should of Things application.


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Nickolay -
I think there may be a typo in your previous post.  I don't understand what you are saying, beyond the point that this is not your assigned name.  You are right.  i gave the folder that name.  What do you suggest I do?  Shall I remove my folder from DropBox and reinstall the sync function/connection?


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The plot thickens.  When I open the Dropbox app on my iPad, I can see ToDoLists.  After discovering that I turned off the Sync to Dropbox on my iMac, rebooted, then reopened the link.  Still no ToDoLists folder or file shows up.


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I fixed it by opening the Dropbox app.

Case closed, I hope.