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Have you/could you consider the concept of nested to-dos? I'm thinking only one sub-level.

On the included screen shot, I have 3 to-dos each of which have one or more sub-tasks.
The main to-do can be marked as complete, but not the sub-tasks.

My thought is that I could show sub-tasks as visibly indented and then check at the sub-task or main to-do level.
If I check all sub-tasks, then the main to-do is checked for me, or if I check the to-do, all the sub-tasks are checked.

Hope this makes sense.


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Due to some reasons screenshot was not uploaded.
We already implemented this feature in To-do Lists 2.0 alpha builds, which are not available to public yet.
We hope to publish it soon, but I really cannot give any real estimation - all previous estimations failed to be in time smile
And, it behaves the same way as you described - checking all subtasks check main task, and checking main task will check/uncheck all subtasks.


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Sounds perfect. If you need any beta testing, let me know!


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I would sure like to see this feature as well, in fact, I would use it daily.   Glad you are working on it and am looking forward to the update.