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Thank you for adding the Attach to Application feature.  I've missed that from an older app I previously used (Sticky Notes), but which has essentially been abandoned (and it no longer works properly anyway).

This feature works with all but one app that I've tried, LaunchBar v. 5.6.2.  I would like to have a note pop up when I press the shortcut keys to bring up LaunchBar, but the note only appears if LaunchBar is the front-most app and its name is in the title bar.  This used to work beautifully in Sticky Notes, but it's one of the things that stopped working for some reason (maybe due to Apple's restrictions in the last few versions of OS X).



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Hi. Thank you for using our application.
I checked LaunchBar. Our code checks for active application to bring note to front, not the topmost window, and after pressing shortcut LaunchBar doesn't activate app, it just bring to front that window.
We will dig into this, and if it is possible via API to check if this window is active, we will introduce needed fixes.
However it can be impossible due to sandboxing limitations.


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Thank you Nickolay.  I understand it may be a challenge which may be why the other app stopped working.


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Hi, I would like my notes to sit on top of the open calendar so I can see at a glance any extra things I need to do!  But when I'm in the calendar app and click onto the antnotes icon the top bar it spits me out to another desktop away from the calendar.  How can I fix this, this is the main reason I bought the app because it said I could pin the notes to other apps?


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Hi, thank you for contacting us. Just drag your note to the edge of the screen to move it to other other desktop. And there choose 'Attach to App'.


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The notes used to be opened automatically with the application.. It does not do this now. What could be the problem?  I'm using Mac with the Sierra version software. JABE@aol.com


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Hi, does this happen for every application or only the specific one? What if try to attach to application again?