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A search function would be nice..


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Thanks for the idea! Maybe you could describe what you'd like it to look like? Your ideas would be helpful for us.


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I second this request. It could look like the search field in the IOS version.   I notice in the Mac version there is a "Find" option under the Edit menu, but it is grayed out. Activating that function would also work as a search function. 

I believe this app will be very useful to me in so many ways, but the lack of search is a deal-breaker. Having long lists of many tasks necessitates a search function. Thank you for offering a free trial so I didn't spend my money on an app that does not meet my needs at this time. I will check back periodically to see whether the search feature has been added.

Thank you.


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I'd like search, particularly on the Mac.

I'd like to be able to search for a word in all the lists. e.g. Command-F which would open a small text box to type in a word, then the app would highlight all the todo entries in all the lists where the word is present.


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Hi, thank you all for the input. As I wrote in other topics we are working on the version 2.0 of the To-do Lists application, which will definitely include search functionality. Hopefully it will be available till the end of the summer.