Topic: Different colors on lists

I have the Mac version and am happy with this program.  Very useful . . . but one question.   Is it possible to make the various lists (I have 5 or 6 open most of the time) different colors.  i.e. Red for important, Grey for holding . . . etc.  So far I can not figure out how to do this and all my lists are the same color. 

Thanks in advance.



Re: Different colors on lists

Hi Brud,
Thank you for using our application.
Of course you can change list's colors, for this:
1. Right click on list's title, or other area not filled with tasks, and then follow to Background menu item. If you don't use mouse you can do right-click by holding Ctrl key and clicking.
2. Or, if you didn't choose to hide the Dock icon, activate list by clicking on it, and select desired color from Appearance main menu item.
3. Also you can use keyboard shortcut - when list is activated just press Command-1, Command-2, etc.

You can change default 8 background colors in To-do Lists application Preferences.