Topic: Make compatible with older OS

Can you please make the new version compatible with Mountain Lion or older operating systems? So many apps are now no longer backward compatible at all, and I'm sure there are other people like myself who either can't or don't want to "upgrade" to the crappy newer OSs.

Long live the Mountain Lion.


Re: Make compatible with older OS

Hi, thank you for contacting us.
Current version 1.7.7 of To-do Lists application is compatible with Mac OS X starting from 10.6.6, so with Mountain Lion as well.
At the moment we are working on version 2.0 of the application, and currently deployment target is set to 10.8, so  it should support Mountain Lion unless we'll found some major showstoppers.

Apple constantly changes APIs here and there, pushing hard developers to support only latest Mac OS X versions. However we are trying to not follow this rule and support as many OS X versions as it is possible. Basically, only now we are dropping support of 10.6-10.7 because it is a total pain to work with localisations and some other features.


Re: Make compatible with older OS

Thanks for the quick response. I have the latest version, but am looking forward to the new features in 2.0 (hopefully the ones I anticipate ;-). Glad to hear it will remain available for ML.

I understand the problem with Apple. I developed a very simple app a few years ago, all in webview, with only one line of borrowed code to tie it together, and it was one of the most challenging and frustrating experiences I've ever had. It was meant to be an evergreen guide in app form - build and forget it. Little did I know about Apple forcing constant upgrades, just for the technology side. In the end I gave up and just gave away the guide in html. The experience has given me a great deal of respect for developers. Kudos!