Topic: Several Suggestions that I would find very useful

I posted this is support but I think most of these features aren't available currently, so here's a list of features I'd really like to see (in order of importance). I would literally use the first 3 every single day if they were available options.

I can also provide feedback like this for To-Do Lists 2 (Which IMO should basically be antnotes and to-do lists combined and updated). So if you find this feedback valuable please let me know and I'll spend some time offering suggestions for that application as well.

Ok, so the suggestions:

1. Add a very simple checkbox--Nothing fancy like your to-do lists app
I really just want a way to attach a sticky note to an application and make a note appear so I can keep track of all of the steps I need to do every time I export a file. I considered getting To-Do Lists instead, but I honestly would just prefer a sticky note with a checkbox that doesn't look as fancy but can be placed wherever like text (it also doesn't seem like you can attach to-do lists to an application like in Antnotes?)

2. Make a note appear at a certain time of day
I want to set a new preset note to appear on my screen at 8:00 am every morning so that when I get to the computer I have a reminder of what all I need to do for my morning routine (take meds, walk dog, eat breakfast, etc.)

3. Set an alarm for a note
It would be really nice to be able to remind myself to look at a specific sticky note at a specified time.

4. View simple text editing GUI while editing text
Such as the B I U icons you see while editing text on this page (Also Strikethrough and Outline would be very helpful)

5. Make highlighted text in various applications into a new note
Very similar to the built in function of Stickies on Macs

6.  Change the curved look of the notes
I do appreciate that you put time into emulating the way notes stick up in real life, but I'd much rather have a very plain, boring old box. This isn't a big deal though

7. Change the color of hyperlinks
I can't seem to change the color of hyperlinks and I use a dark blue note color so I can't really see them


Re: Several Suggestions that I would find very useful

Idk if this will ever get seen, but I have another suggestion:

8. The ability to un-pin notes that are linked to an application. I want certain notes to pop up when I open an application, but not to always be on top of every screen