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I've been using Version 1 of ToDo Lists for many, many, years.  I use it daily.  When the beta for Ver. 2 became available I started using it immediately alongside ToDo Lists Ver. 1.  because it brought the one feature I really wanted, sub-tasks.  I have a multiple To-Do lists open at all times and I not only use it as a checklist of things I need to do but also as a running list of completed tasks that I need to keep track of.  I have a three monitor setup and each monitor has multiple desktops.  To-Do lists tend to be spread out on different desktops.  For example, right now I have 23 desktops, and have to-do lists on on three of them. One desktop is nothing but different To-Do Lists (8 of them), one is split with BusyCal and has 7 To-Do lists. Another To-List is on another desktop, on a different monitor alongside Highdesign Pro (a 2d CAD application) as running checklist of tasks I need to do on the current drawing, I will have separate To-Do list for each drawing and if I have more than one drawing open, the will me on different desktops, potentially different monitors and will have a To-List with it.  To-Do Lists are invaluable with my workflow and my daily life.  To-Do Lists is fast, simple and clean GUI, and I can have many open at once on different desktops.  This is some feedback on my experiences with Ver. 2.

1) Still in beta.... ;-)  [and about to expire again]

2) The expiration warning, will always bring the last edited To-Do list to the window the expiration notice popped up on. This annoying because then I have to move to the desktop the To-Do list had been on and move it back.

3) The right click menu options "Urgent" and "Completed" don't work.  I have to go into "Options" and check them there and "Apply".  The "Urgent" not working is annoying since I use that often.  I just check the box when I complete a task so having a menu option for that is redundant to me.  Once I set them in Option then a check will show up in the right-click menu for it but I can't click a checked urgent to remove the urgency.  I have to go back into "Options" to do that.  Too many clicks to do something so simple.

4) There is a problem with "Repeating" Tasks.  Actually multiple.  I have tried to create many repeating tasks and most of the time it does not work.  It seems that perhaps I am only allowed one repeating task in a To-Do list.  There is no visual indication that a task has repeating assigned to it and if I go back into "Options" for a task that actually is working as a repeating task there is no indication there that it is repeating, no choice to make it no longer repeating either. 

5) Sometimes something goes wrong and while the app seems to be working fine, the database at <user>/Library/Containers/com.Antlogic.TodoLists2/Data/Documents/TodoListsDatabase.tdl is not updated.  This has happened five or six times in this year and do know there is a problem until I restart the computer and my last tasks and task updates are all missing. This has resulted in a huge amount of data loss. Going into TimeMachine shows me the last updated list and date which also the one that gets loaded on restart so there to recover.  The data simply is not being written to the database even though the To-Do list behaves normally.  I don't know why this happens and can't make it happen so I have not reported do date.  I know have a tab in Forklift (a Finder replacement app) that is a Favorite that points to the database directory and I keep an eye on it when I am doing a lot of To-Do List edits or making new ones.  If it doesn't update, I will restart the computer. 

6) Restarting the computer (or if Finder crashes and restarts) my To-Do lists will all end up on the same desktop.  They won't remember the desktop they were on.  This is really, really, annoying since I then have to relocate all of them to the correct desktops. 

7) Margin Lines.  If I use the options in the vertical ellipses in the title bar of a To-Do list to change the background color to my preferred color ColorWell reports it as "Dark Grey" #323333,  I will loose the margin lines for that To-Do List.  There is no way I have found to get then back again without changing the background color.  I use the dark them and really like this color, it coordinates really well with how BusyCal has implement Dark Theme.  So, I would like to have margins work with this color too.

Improvement Requests:
1) Repeating Task.  I would like to see an option in the right click menu that says "Repeating" and will have a check if the task is repeating, and if unchecked it will bring up a dialog, "Do you wish to pause or clear the repeating task?" with buttons "Pause" and "Clear" that do exactly that. If paused, the setting for the repeating task remain and checking the "Repeating" again in the right click menu reenables the repeating behavior.  Where clear, removes the repeating behavior and the "Repeating" from the right click menu for that task.  Clicking "Options" for a repeating task should show the settings that were selected for that repeating task when it was created so that it can be edited.  It should also be allowed to pause or clear from the "Options" menu as well.  There should be no limit on the number of repeating tasks allowed in a To-Do List.  Each time a repeating task is repeated a new task shows up for it in the To-Do list instead of just reenabling the last completed iteration of that task.  If the task was not completed last time then another copy of the same task appears.  A missed task is still just one missed task, i.e. "buy coffee".  If I miss this task then I have two tasks to "buy coffee" but in reality it makes no sense to buy coffee twice just because I missed doing it when task came up. Maybe I was away from town and since I can't pause tasks I might end up with a lot of duplicated tasks.  Another example, "buy wife anniversary gift", if I miss this task I will have a lot of problems that completing the same task more than once isn't going to fix.  Maybe if I missed that task it should have become an "Urgent" task, highlighted red, and move to the top of my To-Do List.  Perhaps some options in Preferences to define Behavior for Repeating Tasks would be good so each person can set them to fit their needs best.

2) Behavior.  Should be assignable to each To-Do list individually.  It is great and necessary to have defaults set in the Preferences as we can now but for some lists I need to keep track of completed tasks and others I do not.  Currently the work-around is to periodically remove the completed tasks but it would be nice if this were automatic on a list by list basis.  Sorting behavior is also something that I think would be nice to be able to assign individually to each To-Do List.  Right now, if I click "Sort"  on a list then it sorts it in a programmed way I have no control over or choice in making it only marginally useful.

3) Date Due.  The font is super tiny.  I would like to be able to make that larger so my aging eyes can read it.

4) Subtasks.  I use ALL THE TIME now.  I don't usually nest more than three though but this feature is the one thing that that I needed from To-Do Lists ver1.  I would like the option to NOT mark a task completed if all the subtasks are completed.  Why? Because it would save space.  Right now I always have to make one more subtask than I need to prevent a task from being marked completed as soon as I finish a subtask for it. For example, I have make a task "Draw plan view" and that has a subtask (as well as others), "Draw floor framing", and that has a one subtask "Get joist engineering".  I need the engineering before I can do the drawing but getting the engineering isn't completing the drawing.  So, I have to have a second subtask, "Draw floor framing" under the "Draw floor framing" task.  Totally redundant.  Maybe an option to define this behavior in Preferences since maybe other people will maybe prefer the way it works now?       

5) Appearance.  I would like to be able to set the background colors myself.  I use the Dark Colors and then often change it.  Custom color is fine but only allows one user selectable color.  Why not allow me to define my own Dark Colors or at Custom Color Palette of multiple colors I want to use?

6) Margin Lines.  An option to control margin lines on/off and color for each To-Do List.  From the same vertical ellipsis menu that I can control background and text color would be great.

7) Drag and drop of tasks and subtasks.  It is really easy, too easy, to drag a task into the subtask of another task.  It is not so easy to drag an item out of being a subtask, especially back to the most top level.  I don't really know what to suggest here but something must be doable to make reorganizing tasks easier with drag and drop.

Thank you again for making this app.  I do hope you are able to find the time to keep working on it and get it out of beta. I use app so much that I really worry that you might have abandoned it and I will be hard pressed to find a replacement.


Re: ToDo Lists Version 2 Beta Feedback

I just started a new drawing and remembered a feature request I forgot to include in my original post.

"Copy To-Do List" or "To-Do List from Template"

Many of my To-Do lists are very similar but are associate with a particular client or project.  I have To-Lists that are for drawings, for example, that remind me of the tasks that need to be done, a quick visual reminder what the status is a of drawing, and a place to note things that need to get done or otherwise be resolved.  All drawings of a similar type will start out with a similar To-Do List of things that type of drawing has to have done, then other tasks and subtasks will be added as required.  Currently I have to create a new list from scratch each time.  It would be great if I could create a template lists that I can copy to working lists as needed.   Maybe the copy To-Do List would be better since "..From Template" would require ability to have more than one template somehow.  I could easily make To-Do Lists and name them "Project Management Template", "Architectural Drawing Template", etc and then copy them to new To-Do Lists and rename for the client/project if a copy To-DO List option existed.



Re: ToDo Lists Version 2 Beta Feedback

Regarding item five under "Issues in my first post of this thread.  The issue has happened again.  I have been using To-Do List ver2 beta all day between several open lists but most work has been in one.  Lots of it.  I just noticed (decided I should check because of how much work I've done) that the database has stopped updating.  I attempted to upload an image but keep getting an error "Failed to open directory uploads/users/1000/274/tmp."  Sucks.  Anyway, the image is a screenshot of the user/Library/Containers/com.Antlogic.TodoLists2/Data/Documents directory.  It shows that the last backup as TodoListsDatabase_2019_11_05.tdl. Which is today and was done 10:08AM, it is currently 1:59PM.  The current database though is the problem, it shows that it was last updated yesterday at 10:08AM and has a file size 50KB less than yesterday's backup even though I've entered dozens of tasks since the last database update.  ToDo Lists version one NEVER lost any of my data.  Version 2 beta will loose my data seemingly randomly.  I do know what causes the problem but it is very problematic losing data and that ToDoLists continues to allow be to use it as if nothing is wrong, not warning me at all that all my entries and edits and completions are not being saved anywhere.  I think that this is a major bug myself but why has no-one else reported this?  How can it only be happening for me?  Don't know but am willing to help troubleshoot it if it will help get it fixed.


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Hey, well you'd think I really have not been using ToDoList for so long.  I just new found that there is a "Duplicate" command in the menu in the bottom right.  I almost never use that menu, only rarely to remove completed items.  Kind of strange that Rename and Duplicate are in different menus.  Oh well at least it is there, please disregard me second post in this thread regarding coping ToDo Lists. 

I should have mentioned in my last post that the only way I have found to not loose data most of the time anyway is to delete or rename the active database, ToDoListsDatabase.tdl and then quite the application.  A new database will be created.  I also Export the to do lists that I've made significant edits to just in case. Even though I don't know how to import them, having an rtf is easy to use to recreate the list quickly.  Anyway, in today's case, the active database was dated yesterday and oddly, there was no backup done yesterday even though I created several new lists and edited many.  The files jumped from TodoListsDatabase_2019_11_03.tdl to TodoListsDatabase_2019_11_05.tdl.  So, I renamed the active database to TodoListsDatabase_2019_11_04.tdl which made sense more or less since that was the date it was last updated even though it clearly is missing all days worth of work.  The database that was created when I exited the app in 1MB.  Reopening the app, in this case, presented me with all my notebooks (no longer on the correct desktops) but complete with all edits. 

When this happens I have not found anything I can do that causes the database to be updated except quitting the app.  If I don't first get rid of the active, unupdated database, no new database is created and it becomes the database that is used when I reopen ToDoLists.  So far this is what has worked for me to get around this issue but I have to be aware of it.  I can't restart the computer, quit the app, or let any other app (like system updates) restart the computer or, if the ToDo list database has not been updated correctly ALL DATA since it was last updated correctly will be lost.  This can be days or weeks even since I don't restart my computer often and ToDoLists just continues to appear to be working fine even when the database is not being updated.  What happens ever time the database rolls over is it saves the unupdated database so you can 12 of the same messed up database in that directory. 

Hope these observation help.  Sorry about asking for a feature that is there but I somehow was oblivious to.


Re: ToDo Lists Version 2 Beta Feedback

Hi Chris!
Thank you for your valuable input, it would help us to improve To-do Lists.
We'll work over it, however it would require some time.
From the first glance all your suggestions are not hard to implement and would really improve the workflow.
The only problem which I'm not sure how to fix is assigning list to specific Desktop - there seems no public API for doing that on macos, system itself puts the window on specific desktop.

The data lost is something not expected, and we were not aware of such cases before (or at leasy nobody except you reported it).
However it is a serious problem and we'll work hard fixing it.

Thanks again!