Topic: Repeat or recurring items

I would love to have a repeat or recurring feature for items. I have tasks that I have to do every day so it would be great if each day they reappeared on my to do list automatically. I also have tasks that have to be done monthly on specific dates so being able to have them reoccur would be fantastic. I love that I can use this app on my iPhone, iPad and iMac. It would be the perfect app for me with the above adjustments! Thank you!!


Re: Repeat or recurring items

Hi. Thanks for the request. It's one of the most common feature requests, amongst with due dates.
We already support this in To-do Lists 2.0 development builds, and will support in iOS version too, I guess.
Unfortunately there is no ETA for To-do Lists 2.0 public release yet, since a lot of things need to be polished.