Topic: Enhancement Request: Move Completed to Bottom

My lists get pretty long and usually comprised of tasks that do not have to be done in any particular order.  I can as it is now click a task and move it to the bottom, or top.  But what I would like is a choice to move all completed to the bottom.  This would help save some time because I may have list of items to purchase and click several dozen off as done that are all over the place in the list, selecting each one to move to the bottom is a lot of clicks.  I do have it selected in the preferences to move completed down automatically but it does not always work for some unknown reason and if I use quick add and add a new item it goes to the bottom under the completed tasks and then I have to click a couple times to move it up to the top and then manually drag into alphabetical order so I can find it again fast in a large list.  So, what I would like is right click choice to move all completed tasks to the bottom to clean up my lists when the auto-moving completed to bottom isn't working.  Oh, and if I uncheck something that was moved to the bottom, it stays there below items already checked and doesn't auto move to just above the completed items or maybe to the top of the list so I have to manually do that too. It is fine if its only one or two items but when it is a lot of items then there is a lot of extra clicking that gets old.


Re: Enhancement Request: Move Completed to Bottom

Hi. Thanks for the request.
In To-do Lists 2.0 we already fixed some auto-moving issues, as well as added basic sorting options (automatically, by alphabet).
We hope to release version 2.0 preview soon.