There was an application I used to use on System 7. It was really fast and simple and extremely useful. It was called "Good Friday."

I've never found anything quite like it since.

A keyboard shortcut would create a new "nugget." This was a text window with a 255 character limit. The application loaded and created new nuggets almost instantly. You could input any text information. There was no adjustment for font or size. But the beauty of this application was the sort feature. The application would open with everything that you had created on screen. Then you could sort as, for example "Find everything with "08" in it." Then it would show only those nuggets that contained "08." So, if I had put a date stamp in the text, this would bring up everything created in August. You could then further sort. So, you could ask it to find everything with "cheese" in it and it would show only those items created in August with the word "cheese" in it. The sorting was done instantly and all from the keyboard. This find/sort function is something I have been looking for since the Good Friday application went belly up in the nineties. Would it be possible to add this function to Antnotes?



Hi, thank you for the suggestion.
Within one of the next updates we plan to add the search feature to Manage Notes screen, i.e. you will be able to type text there and it will show in list only notes which contain that text.

However, as far as I understand, you want other thing - to have some global shortcut, which you will press and see search box.
After typing some text to that box you'll see only notes which contain that text. Am I correctly understand your request?