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In to do list - I cannot find how to control, or change, text color on a list


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If you want to change text color for the entire list, right-click on a list's title and choose To-do Color from context menu.
You can also change colot for a task. Right-click on a task in your list and choose To-do Color (make sure cursor isn't on this task, so it shouldn't be selected). This will change color only for the specified task in your list.


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Many thanks for response.   Right-clicking worked.   But it changed the color of the note itself, not the text.   How can I change the color of the text?   Mostly I want the text to be very black.


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You should right click on the task you want to change font color for. You don't need to select the text - only right-click. Choose To-do Color to change color.

If you want to make text bold, select the text and then right-click on it. Choose Font in context menu and Bold there.


Re: To do list - text color

Thanks - problem solved.