Topic: Adjusting line spacing?

I am mildly dyslexic and there are a number of tricks that work to make things easier to read/understand. To Do Lists are great for keeping  me organized and on target. I've even found the font the works best for me: Chalkboard. I just need more space between lines/items on the lists. Crowded lines of text really causes problems. Studies have shown this is true for older people, non-native readers, children, and others. PLEASE tell me if there is a way to fix line spacing. If not please move this item to your wish list. Thank you.

I am unable to post sample images or make an attachment to demonstrate the issue.


Re: Adjusting line spacing?

Hi, thank you for contacting us.
Sorry for this issue, we already received a number of complaints/feature requests about line spacing.
And we already implemented it in the next version of To-do Lists application (v. 2.0), which should be available in a month or two.
The release was postponed a number of times since we are adding many features to it.


Re: Adjusting line spacing?

Finally got an image to post!


Re: Adjusting line spacing?

Guess the image STILL didn't post. Thanks for the 1:17am reply!! You guys rock!